DT and GS

Tell City Hall we don't want to raise our taxes again to pay for new city employees while local businesses are still struggling! 

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Third Street Promenade will suffer. More local businesses will close.

Here are the FACTS about Measures DT and GS:



for services

like shelters or public safety.



of small businesses

will be impacted by this extremely large tax increase and will have to raise prices to cover their new costs.



increase in taxes

will be forced upon property and small business owners.

Stop new taxes:
vote no on measureS DT and GS

Santa Monica is already one of the highest taxed cities in the United States.

  • Santa Monica has a budget surplus of $11 million and the state has a budget surplus of $49 billion -- money that could already go towards housing.

  • Measures GS and DT will have a disproportionate effect on seniors who have lived in Santa Monica for decades and are looking to sell their homes for retirement.
  • While one measure will create a brand new layer of bureaucracy by creating a new 11-member advisory board, the other measure deposits these new taxes directly into the City's General Fund for unrestricted use by the City Council.
  • Measure GS will never end. Eventually, almost every small business owner and multi-family apartment building will be forced to pay this extremely large tax increase.

Building new solutions that reduce the workload on employees

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